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More than 50% of students in 5th standard in rural schools are not capable of reading a 2nd standard textbook

We believe in addressing age appropriate learning needs of children through relevant interventions at the right time. Our approach to education addresses the needs of children from the very foundational stage to an older, adolescent stage.

Storytelling Saturday

Storytelling Saturday is an early intervention education program that places ‘storytellers’ in LKG and UKG classrooms in rural India, to make learning fun for children. Started in 2019, the program focuses on child literacy, by sparking creativity and imagination through read-aloud sessions.


600 children • 30 Volunteers • 10 schools

Tech Her Forward

Tech Her Forward is a digital literacy and career readiness program for adolescent girls in rural India. Through computer science education, we hope to bridge the gender gap in technology by building a capable female workforce for the future. We prepare these girls to be career-ready and equip them with knowledge and skills needed to make informed life choices in the 21st century.


500 Girls • 18 Facilitators • 9 schools

Career Guidance and Mentorship Program

A mentorship program for girls in pre-university education in rural areas to realise their potential and become job-ready. The program helps them to build self awareness, enhance their communication and presentation skills to articulate personal and career goals.


600 Children • 100 Mentors

Meri Awaaz

A program that educates, engages and empower adolescents and inspire them to dream big for themselves by leveraging storytelling and impactful media tools.


50 Students