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Everybody can contribute to social change if they put their mind to it. Urban Initiatives at IndiVillage Foundation gives individuals in urban geographies an opportunity to contribute to development in rural India through their knowledge, skills and time. Our aim is to catalyse these synergies, and create meaningful engagements for those who want to play a part in doing their bit for society.

We welcome dialogue and collaborations across organisations and individuals, to help us in our mission to advance rural India from Education to Employment.

Samvāda: Dialogue for Impact

Samvāda: Dialogue for Impact is a knowledge and networking platform for the impact community to present, brainstorm, and discuss themes and knowledge areas in social impact. Since its inception in 2019, Samvāda has had eight editions, while continuing to engage with the sector through conversations via other channels. It is held at our Bangalore office, with past editions having explored topics including the social enterprise model, financing, impact measurement, innovation, community outreach and engagement, and volunteering.

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108 organisations • 58 speakers • 13 dialogues

Corporate Engagement

To address the holistic development needs of people in our communities, and engage working professionals who want to make a difference, we invite corporate organisations to partner with us and help us deliver our programs better. These partnerships translate into meaningful learning relationships that last for long. Activities in these projects involve coaching, skilling, career counselling, and mentoring engagements.


68 volunteers • 1632 training hours

Social Internship Program

Our Social Internship Program invites young professionals, university students, and fellowship participants, to engage with and train for careers in the social sector. Through their projects, participants contribute to the various Sustainable Development Goals that the organisation works on, and gain practical experience that supplements prior learned theory and skills. This rural immersion program gives aspirants a real life experience of social challenges and the climate in which they operate.


24 participants • 19 projects • 5760 training hours

Some of the change makers we’ve trained

Shaista Naaz

Shaista Naaz

Devyani Verma

Devyani Verma

Mohith Gowda

Mohith Gowda




Ambica Sood

Nikita Chatterjee

Nikitha Chatterjee