Quality Education

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Address the age-appropriate needs of every child and enable them to be cognitively ready for absorbing 21st- century skills

We believe in addressing age appropriate learning needs of children through relevant interventions at the right time. Our approach to education addresses the needs of children from the very foundational stage to an older, adolescent stage.

Storytelling Saturday

A child literacy program focused on building joy and love for stories in children aged 4 & 5 in rural primary schools.


1,640 children • 41 Volunteers • 15 schools

Tech Her Forward

A computer science and 21st century skills program for adolescent girls in rural schools to build knowledge, skills and mindsets needed to make informed career and life choices.


1,375 Girls • 57 Facilitators • 18 schools

Meri Awaaz

An initiative to educate, engage and empower adolescents and inspire them to dream big for themselves by leveraging storytelling and impactful media tools.


200 Children• 20 Facilitators • 4 Schools