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Gender Empowerment

81% of women employed in India live in rural areas and 1 in 10 internet users in our country is a woman

When we started our journey, our mission was to create widespread employment for youth and women in the rural sector. We actively worked to bring in and retain more women into the formal workforce. But, as our work in rural communities evolved over the years, so did our understanding of the urgency to integrate women and girls beyond just the workforce.

Today, our focus lies in helping women understand the role they play in their families, neighbourhoods and communities. We help them reflect on their choices and make informed decisions that impact themselves and those around them.

LeanIn Circles

The LeanIn Circle is a peer group initiative for women, and by women. It seeks to create a community of women who support and help each other navigate the dual challenges of personal & professional lives in India today. Through women-centric support circles, we address their knowledge, skills and mindsets, and help them imagine a robust future. The Circle brings together ten to twelve women to create a circle of trust and camaraderie built on shared experiences. The empowerment that peer support brings, and the fulfilment of finding solutions to personal and professional life’s challenges, will seed champions who can go out and influence their own communities.


50 women, 2 states

Women Mentorship Program

By channeling professional support and expertise of women working in urban enterprises, our women-centric initiative provides context-based mentorship and guidance to facilitate the careers of working women in rural India. Designed on a ‘she4she’ model, the program brings together women from different geographies, demographics and career stages to aid and support each other.


40 Women • 2 Organisations • 30 Hours of Commitment

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June 2024


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