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35% of the world’s illiterate population is in India which makes it around 266 million people who cannot read and write.

In many rural communities, children do not have an opportunity for good education. Two in three children in rural schools cannot read a standard textbook and solve basic mathematical questions. Many schools do not have enough resources (books, pencils, teachers and electricity) and some children drop out to work on the farm and support their families’ income.

The lack of education reduces the chances of finding a job drastically and is one of the main drivers of poverty in rural India.

Storytelling Saturday

Storytelling Saturday is our Child Literacy Program which seeks to instill love and joy for stories in children aged between four and five. We believe that the love for learning, first instilled through stories, helps children inculcate a mindset of constant upskilling through their life thereby preparing them for a dynamic future. It also makes them better readers, communicators, and independent learners.

Our program is implemented with a dedicated bank of volunteers drawn from the local context as well as from the corporate world. Not only do our volunteers help children to seek out stories through reading, they also encourage local school teachers to move their curriculum to one that inculcates these proven methods of teaching through stories.


600 CHILDREN • 30 Volunteers • 10 schools

Tech Me Forward

Tech Me Forward is our tech upskilling program that seeks to eliminate the barriers of gender, and the obstacle of tech skilling for girls in rural schools. The program focuses on girls in the ninth grade in rural government and private schools.

Run in partnership with the US-based nonprofit Girls Who Code, our initiative imparts an integrated curriculum rich in technical knowledge while also incorporating a 21st century skills framework. Its backbone are the facilitators who are local youth with tech training. Crucially, by teaching girls in the ninth grade, the program helps them make more informed career choices. We aim to facilitate a world where more girls and women will play a part in the tech jobs of tomorrow.


500 Girls • 18 Facilitators • 9 schools

School Adoption Program

IndiVillage Foundation has adopted an unaided private school in Yemmiganur, Andhra Pradesh to provide quality infrastructure, education, and access to opportunities to over 200 children and 10 teachers. This is run via partnerships with other education organisations to improve the conditions of rural education and teacher training and development, and provide children with a learning environment that is fun and engaging.

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