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Sustainable Livelihoods

66% of the country’s population is in rural India, 38% of that is between the ages of 13-34

By bringing opportunities closer, we help educated youth in rural communities with little or no means to alternative livelihoods. Our impact centres provide jobs powered by technology. Our skill development program revives artisanal talent. Through financial literacy and microcredit programs, we build knowledge and capacity of individuals and families to make the best use of their incomes.

Impact Centres: Jobs through technology

Since January 2010, we have provided young individuals the opportunity to train and work in the technology sector, giving them access to white collar jobs in communities with little or no alternate opportunities. Through tech-livelihoods, we ensure they have a better quality of life and the ability to repay generational debts. This reduces urban migration and further leads to a positive impact on the rural economy. We also encourage the youth to get advanced degrees and progress their careers at IndiVillage or any other organisation they choose.

Through our impact centres, we train, educate and employ local talent and improve household incomes. We also provide access and opportunity to various other skill development programs for India’s rural youth


300 Youths • 3 Impact Centres • 2 Locations

Employee Credit Union Groups

Through financial literacy awareness programs and microcredit unions that mirror self-help groups , we provide individuals in rural communities easy access to microfinance, equip them with knowledge and skills on better financial practices and provide information on relevant government schemes they can avail. These self-governed, peer-controlled groups are individuals with similar socio-economic backgrounds and have a desire to collectively save and improve their financial quotient, thereby helping their households grow.


40 employees • 2 Groups • 1 state

Handmade Crafts: Reviving Indigenous Livelihoods

Our artisan enablement program in Yemmiganur, Andhra Pradesh focuses on preserving India’s cultural heritage of traditional handcrafted textiles. By enabling documentation, research and skill & livelihood projects, we safeguard marginalised families in the handloom and handicraft community.


87 artisans • X communities

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