The Impact Sourcing Industry aligns perfectly well with the conviction to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, which is Goal 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  One of the main challenges in this line of business is to recruit, train and sustain employees. With limited access to education in rural areas, many times, these employees are assigned work that they have no prior exposure or knowledge. Hence, it is crucial to provide a good foundation of skills to train specifically for each job role at a later stage.

With ten years of experience in the Impact Sourcing Industry, we at IndiVillage have tried and tested various training methods and set up a detailed plan to use when a new employee is hired. The individual undergoes a ten-day coaching session with constant feedback from the experienced trainers. Our goal is to make a long term living for men and women, and hence mentoring is embedded into the training.

Each time a new project is acquired, specific tasks and SOPs are documented for the existing employees and new recruits alike. Most of the services we offer for AI/ML technology are rapidly upgrading and growing, to fulfill the needs of the industry, a strong cross-functional team with expertise on all types of dataset preparation is required.

A trainer is nominated for different types of services we offer from our Delivery Manager who will preside over the entire training. Each trainer will conduct the coaching session that involves grooming in soft skills and technical expertise. They will also do a continuous evaluation and provide feedback on subjects like quality standards of the project, computer skills, communication skills, typing skills, annotation skills, and more. Customized tools and sample datasets are created and used for the training and evaluation process.

For a diverse knowledge base amongst our employees, our technical training is not specifically focused on a single project. Concepts like bounding box annotation on objects or crops, polygon annotation, image editing, aerial annotation provide the opportunity to work in multiple industries like Agritech, Autonomous Vehicles, Insurance, Security, Fashion & Lifestyle and more. At the same time, having the experience of sentiment analysis, intent classification, diarization, audio transcription and categorization, and content categorization fits into the E-commerce, Retail, Data Analytic, and data driven decision making industries.

A survey conducted by Rockefeller Foundation states that effective communication is the most needed fundamental skill for new employees in organizations who currently engage with and train poor and vulnerable individuals. This also provides for a transparent model of business that resonates well while collaborating with peers in the industry. As the impact industry grows, mapping out a clear plan on recruitment, training and sustaining employees will provide the organization with a much needed support to compete against the traditional outsourcing industry.

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